18 Tiny Log Homes Under 400 Square Foot Cover

18 Tiny Log Homes Under 400 Square Foot

Tiny log homes are the epitome of a getaway log cabin and are climbing in popularity. For a start, they are, well…tiny! However, they sure can be cozy, comfortable, and all you need for a guest house.

With the tiny size also comes a tiny price – the dream of having your own log cabin becomes quite achievable for those with a smaller budget.

Now you’re not going to fit the whole family in for an overnighter, and you certainly won’t be hosting parties there, but tiny log homes are perfect for one or two people to take some time to enjoy the hearty feeling of a timber home.

How big a tiny home is will depend on who you ask. Most people squeeze in some 400-1,000 square foot cabins, but technically these are small homes.

Strictly speaking, a tiny home has a living area of less than 400 square foot.

Whether you are looking for inspiration or ideas, we have scoured the web and collected the best tiny log homes that you can find.

For this round-up, we are sticking to cabins that are less than 400 square foot. It does not sound like a lot, but you may be surprised at how much a simple design allows you to fit into such a cozy space.

18 Tiny Log Homes

18. Serenity

(c) Conestoga Log Cabins

As one of Conestoga Log Cabins’ most popular kits for sale, and at 14’ x 20’, the Serenity Log Cabin fits its 280 square foot snugly into the category of tiny log homes.

Entering from the front, there is a well-sized covered porch leading through the entrance to the living area. To the rear, there is a private bedroom with room for a double, and a bathroom. This is a surprisingly comfortable cabin considering the small footprint.

17. The Grizzly I

The Grizzly I
(c) The Original Log Cabin Homes

The Grizzly I has a strikingly steep gable roof, giving it a prominent appearance, and its 14’ x 16’ living area offers a cozy 224 square foot.

It has one wall dividing the space from front to back, and therefore has two rooms – one thing we know for sure is that with tiny log homes, the fewer internal walls that are involved, the more space there is to use.

The fewer internal walls involved, the more space you get to use.

This cabin is well suited to bird watchers and hunters.

16. The Catskill Cabin

The Catskill Cabin
(c) Zook Cabins

With touches of an Adirondack style, The Catskill Cabin brings rugged charm to tiny log homes. It comes in a range of sizes, but it made this list as the smallest option is 390 square foot.

At 13’ x 36’ this lovely tiny log cabin provides plenty of well-used space. Entering on the short side of the cabin brings you into the great room, with the kitchen along the side. To the back is a 9’ x 12’ bedroom with a small bathroom tucked between the great room and bedroom.

15. Timbertrail

(c) Coventry Log Homes

With its 280 square foot, the Timbertrail has a similar layout to the Boulder Lodge Cabin, entering the great room with the bathroom first on the left and a single bedroom after that.

The 6’ x 20’ covered porch gives good space for outdoor enjoyment, and the butt and pass corners give the rustic feeling that is in high demand from tiny log homes.

Be careful when calculating the square footage – the clearance from flooring to ceiling must be over 7 foot for it to count, so often lofts are considered crawl space.

14. Boulder Lodge Cabin

Boulder Lodge Cabin
(c) Conestoga Log Cabins

With a footprint of 14’7” x 20’, the Boulder Lodge Cabin has a living space of 292 square foot. Additional to this it offers a wide, 20’ x 6’ covered porch.

Entering from the porch you come into the living room and kitchen. First to the left is a bathroom and the bedroom follows that, with room for a single or a bunk bed.

This cabins size and layout make it a good hunting cabin.

13. Mahoning

Mahoning Cabin
(c) Timber Haven Log Homes

As the largest of the tiny log homes on this list, the Mahoning takes 400 square foot and the premise that fewer internal walls mean more space and capitalizes on it.

A combined kitchen, living room and bedroom give this cabin one large living area while the bathroom is tucked into the far corner from the entrance. A 20’ x 5’ covered porch sits neatly at the front of the property.

12. Elio

(c) River Ridge Escape

River Ridge Escape specialized in tiny log homes. Their Elio has a claim to bringing you closer to the stars, and it does not fail to deliver with its rooftop deck – a lovely outdoor addition to the screen porch.

With a park model style, and a low loft, this cabin stretches the 399 square foot it provides and includes a king-size bedroom to the back and a bathroom opposite the kitchen.

This leaves the entrance area free as a well-lit and ventilated living area, open to the kitchen but seemingly separate from it.

11. Aspen

(c) Conestoga Log Cabins

The second of the tiny log homes to make this list that provides no bathroom, the Aspen sells well as a birders cabin.

If the cost of a log cabin is top priority, then this cabins tiny 195 square foot is met by its price tag. It is 13’ x 15’ and perfect for those with a small budget.

The Aspen is divided by one wall, giving two rooms, one to the back of the cabin. If set up well, it may sleep up to six people.

10. Alpine Tiny Log Homes

Alpine Tiny Log Homes
(c) River Ridge Escape

Another one of River Ridge Escapes tiny log homes, the Alpine also has a park model style and similar layout to the Elio, with a cozy loft space overlooking the front of the cabin.

The combined living room and kitchen is more open and airier than the Alpine but comes at the cost of a slightly smaller double bedroom to the back. The loft does offer extra sleeping space for up to 4 people though.

9. Getaway

(c) Coventry Log Homes

Easy to construct, and easy to use. The Getaway holds only 192 square foot, one room, and a small bathroom to the center back.

Wise use of space is a cornerstone of living well in tiny log homes, and with good use of the loft crawl space, the Getaway can either allow sleeping space for up to six or up to 4 with a small kitchenette.

Well designed for a guest or hunting cabin, this tiny cabin is suited to small groups who do not mind being in each other’s space, although the 4’ covered porch gives some breathing room.

8. Telos

(c) Ward Cedar Log Homes

With 320 square feet of living space on the first floor, this log home makes the perfect getaway home where you can unwind and relax.

You could build this cabin next to a lake, in a mountain retreat, or a forest and you can choose to add an optional porch which adds 126 square feet of space to the home.

The first floor is open plan, with a small kitchen and plenty of space for a dining table and chairs, and a seating area to relax. To the loft area, there is space for a bedroom, which overlooks the space below.

7. The Cherry Tree

The Cherry Tree
(c) Log Design

If you are looking for the ultimate tiny log homes, this hand-peeling log cabin might be the one for you! At only 192 square feet, this cozy home is well designed to make space for all the essentials you need when living tiny.

With a corner sink, some worktop space, and a fridge, the kitchen is not huge, but it ticks all the necessary components you would need to cook a delicious meal. Tucked in the opposite corner is space for a small table and two chairs.

Up to the loft space, which is accessed by proper stairs rather than a ladder, there is plenty of space for a double bed and furniture. The upper floor is larger than the lower floor as it utilizes the space above the porch too.

6. Hideaway

(c) Satterwhite Log Homes

At a modest 392 square feet, the Hideaway manages to include all the necessities that you will need to use as a family home, a holiday getaway, or a guest cabin.

As part of a series of compact cabins, Satterwhite Log Homes also offer a few other log cabins which are ideal for tiny living.

You enter through a gable porch, into an open plan space that includes the kitchen, a pantry, and a living and dining area. As with a lot of tiny log homes, to the back of the cabin, there is a bedroom and bathroom.

5. The Plymouth Cabin

The Plymouth Cabin
(c) Zook Cabins

The Plymouth cabin is available in a few different sizes, the smallest one being 364 square feet, plus the additional loft space and porch area.

This cabin is ideal if you are in an area that experiences heavy snow loads due to the steep pitch of the roof, you can also choose to add loft space and dormers which provide additional sleeping or storage space.

The porch stretches the entire length of the cabin which provides a nice area to sit outside and enjoy the surroundings.

4. Blue Sky

Blue Sky
(c) Hobbitat Spaces

If you are just looking for plans rather than a full kit, the Blue Sky might be what you need. These tiny log homes plans will help you to build a tiny cabin that feels a lot bigger than other tiny homes.

With a large bathroom and a sleeping area that feels open plan, yet private all at the same time, this home has been cleverly designed to make the most of all the space.

The porch leads through to the living area, and the kitchen sticks out from the building slightly, to provide as much space as possible.

3. Hazelnut

(c) River Ridge Escape

This luxury cabin provides 399 square feet of space to enjoy. Enter through a mid-sized gable roof front porch into the living room area which has a cozy wood-burning stove.

The middle of the cabin provides a homely feeling, with the stairs to the loft and the bathroom on one side, and the kitchen on the other.

To the back of the home is a bedroom with built-in storage, and more storage or sleeping space upstairs in the loft space. The loft overlooks the cathedral ceiling lounge below.

2. Wedge

(c) Wheelhaus

Perhaps one of the most striking cabins in this round-up is the Wedge by WheelHaus. With 400 square feet of living space, this small home was built using reclaimed fencing which provides a rustic yet long-lasting structure.

The Wedge has extra high ceilings, which are framed with a timber and steel roof system, adding to the modern look of this stylish cabin.

It has two glass doors that maximize the views when sat inside the cabin, and plenty of windows around the top of the cabin to allow light in.

1. Orcas Island Cabin

Orcas Island Cabin
(c) Vandervort Architects | Builder – Woodsong Inc | Photographer – Sunset Magazine

Nestled into mature fir and cedar trees, this 400 square foot cabin was designed to make the most of the exquisite views which surround it.

It was also built sustainably, using nontoxic paints, trees milled from the island and long-lasting materials such as the metal roofing. The windows are all energy-efficient, and the flooring was built from leftover Douglas fir from another project.

Proving that you can build a spectacular building using reclaimed and environmentally friendly materials, this cabin incorporates a kitchen and eating area, living room, bath, and loft bedroom.


Whether you are thinking of buying your own tiny log homes, or you just enjoy looking at beautiful timber homes, we hope you enjoyed this roundup!

Tiny living is gaining more and more popularity as people realize that more is less and that you do not have to have a huge budget to build a beautiful home.

They are environmentally friendly, easy of the pocket and you can usually take them with you if you want to move.
Are you thinking of building your own tiny log home? Which one was your favorite in this roundup? Let us know in the comments below.


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