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12 Beautiful Post and Beam Homes – Traditional Meets Modern

While log cabins tend to have a very typical and traditional look, post and beam homes all look very different.

From contemporary, stylish looking homes, to farmhouses and cottages. Each one creates a very unique look, but they each use the same building method.

If you’re looking for advice about buying this type of home, or would like to learn the difference between post and beam homes, and typical timber frame homes, you can jump ahead to our frequently asked questions section.

If you’re here to find some beautiful homes, here are twelve for you to enjoy!

12 Beautiful Post and Beam Homes

#12. Catskill Lodge

Catskill Lodge
(c) Photography by Mark Morand from Mainframe Photography | Designed by MAF Architects | Built by Yankee Barn Homes

This incredible ski lodge was cleverly designed by MAF Architects to make the most of the surrounding area and views, and the shell was made and provided by Yankee Barn Homes.

Most of the living space is on the second floor, with an open plan great room, kitchen, sitting area and dining room.

Catskill mountainside lodge has an impressive six bedrooms and five bathrooms and is the perfect home for large family skiing holidays.

It offers luxurious views out of the window wall in the dining room, and every inch of the interior has been spectacularly designed, with plenty of decking and porch areas to both floors.

#11. Hawaiian Paradise

Hawaiian Paradise
(c) Designed by Zak Architecture | Built by Hamill Creek Timber Homes

This small piece of paradise is part of a much larger estate set on an acre of land on the Kona Coast, Hawaii.

All of the buildings in this estate are set up as outdoor rooms, and this one in particular has a living area, a dining room, kitchen and master bedroom which are all open to the elements.

Based on the traditional Balinese gardens, this complex has over 10,000 square feet of living space, with guest suites, entertainment rooms, gardens and tropical pools.

Hawaiian Paradise post and beam home has soaring twenty foot ceilings, teak wooden floors and plenty of outdoor living space.

#10. Hess Lake Post and Beam Home

Hess Lake Post and Beam Home
(c) Photography by Brian Boven | Designed and Built by Timberpeg®

This spectacular custom built home was designed by the well known Timberpeg® Construction in 2005. This home’s design makes the most of the breathtaking views over Hess Lake.

The living area has soaring ceilings, a wall of windows and three balconies to enjoy the views of the lake below.

The property also has a wrap around porch so the views can be enjoyed in all directions, regardless of the time of day.

Hess Lake Home has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a total square footage of 6,468. It is currently for sale through Brian Boven Realtor for $1,350,000!

#9. The Amherst

The Amherst
(c) Linwood Homes

The Amherst is a three bedroom home which was built with cedar wood, helping it to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings.

With just under 2000 square feet of living space and another 200+ square feet of covered porch area, this home is ideal for a family or a couple who like entertaining guests.

On the main floor is a foyer, family room, an open plan cathedral ceiling living space, the dining room and a kitchen.

The living room is overlooked by a balcony which leads to the three bedrooms on the upper floor.

#8. Plymouth Carriage House

Plymouth Carriage House
(c) American Post and Beam®

Barely recognizable as a post and beam home, the Plymouth Carriage House just goes to show that these homes don’t necessarily need to have all the logs and beams visible from the exterior.

Drawing inspiration from old European Cottages, this home easily combines the old with the new, creating a luxurious mountain side sanctuary.

This home maintains the rustic character of an old house, but oozes comfort and modern living with plenty of convenient additions such as the double car basement garage.

Suitable for a small family or couple, this two bedroom home has one bedroom on the ground floor, and a large master bedroom with dormer windows on the upper floor.

#7. Ponderosa Country Barn

Ponderosa Country Barn
(c) Sand Creek Post & Beam

This beautiful post and beam custom designed home features an open porch overlooking a lake in Nebraska.

With large open windows throughout, the views can be admired from all angles, but especially from the cathedral ceiling living area which has a wall of windows.

On the outside of this rustic barn is a decking area on the second floor which extends the already large living space even more.

Designed by Sand Creek Post and Beam, all of their homes are prefab and shipped as a kit for either a builder or the owner to piece together. Their quality cabins are designed to last for generations to come.

#6. Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge
(c) Photography Roger Wade Studio | Precision Craft Log & Timber Homes

Designed by the well known and reputable company, PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes, Blue Ridge is a perfect mix of modern and rustic.

Incorporating the traditional large handcrafted logs, with other materials such as stone and reclaimed barn wood, it fits in perfectly with it’s Georgian surroundings.

With 3,788 sq ft of living space, this home is truly luxurious. The great room has a traditional cathedral style ceiling, and a wall of windows which looks out onto picturesque views.

Throughout the home there are clever uses of natural materials, including the stone fireplace, sweeping wooden staircase and traditional wooden trusses everywhere you look.

Blue Ridge has three floors, including: a basement with two bedrooms; a bathroom and mudroom; the main floor which is home to the master bedroom and living area; the second floor which has another bedroom; and plenty of loft space.

#5. Country Cape

Country Cape
(c) American Post & Beam® | WHS Homes, Inc. (c) 2019

Proving that post and beam homes don’t need to look like a traditional wooden home from the exterior, Country Cape is the ideal family home.

With a large covered porch which is perfect for entertaining, and a carriage house around the back, this open plan home is packed with plenty of country charm including spectacular truss detail in the great room’s cathedral ceiling.

In the basement there are wrought irons doors which lead to an impressive wine cellar and tasting room. To the back of the property is a large porch which stretches the length of the room, with undisturbed views of the ocean.

#4. The Beachwood

(c) Linwood Homes

This idyllic waterfront home was designed to feel like a country cottage on the interior, and The Beachwood has certainly achieved that.

The whitewashed wooden walls on the interior combined with the post and beam trusses which run throughout the home really add to the cottage feel.

With a total of 2,613 square feet of indoor living space, and a further 450 square feet of outdoor porch and balcony space, this home is ideal for families.

It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and a great room which overlooks the water. This room is also surrounded by a covered porch so the views can be fully enjoyed totally unobstructed.

#3. The Hampton’s Contemporary Barn Home

The Hampton's Contemporary Barn Home
(c) Yankee Barn Homes | Architect – Jeffery Rosen

Proving that these homes can look very contemporary and nothing like what you imagine when you think of a post and beam construction, is this very modern looking barn home.

Brimming with architectural features both on the interior and the exterior of this home, while the outside looks like a traditional low-key barn, the inside tells a different story with the visible beams on display in every room.

This home has three bedrooms, each one with access to it’s own bathroom. If that’s not luxury enough, to the back of the property there is also a private pool!

#2. Nebraska Post and Beam Home

Nebraska Post and Beam Home
(c) Legacy Post & Beam

This home is full of function and character. Located in Central Nebraska, this four bedroom barn style house has three bedrooms and 2,400 square feet of living space.

With exposed douglas-fir beams, there is heaps of character in each and every room.

Featuring an open plan living area, a laundry room, office, a wrap around porch and large entry way, this home is built on top of a walkout basement making it practical as well as pretty.

It cleverly combines a mix of drywall and wood throughout to accentuate all the wooden beams and features.

#1. The Lakewood

(c) Designed and Built by Timberpeg® | Nashua Video Tours

For our last home, we bring you a video tour of the very attractive Lakewood home.

Not only is this home well designed to blend in well with the surroundings, it is also extremely energy efficient. Solar hot water, electricity and geothermal heat were among a few of the green elements included in the build of this eco friendly home.

This post and beam home has an open floor plan which encompasses the living, dining room and kitchen. The great room boasts a magnificent cathedral ceiling.

Made using Douglas fir logs, this vacation home has three bedrooms, four bathrooms and 2,127 square feet of indoor space.

Post and Beam Homes FAQ

What is Post and Beam Construction?

A post and beam construction is a home which has been made with a wooden frame using fastenings, or very simple joinery to hold the frame together.

They don’t necessarily look like wooden homes from the exterior, as this style of building allows too many other materials to be used to create the house, from bricks, stones, panelling and wood.

This method of construction often creates beautiful structures inside the home, as the wooden beams and trusses are often left visible and create inspiring design features.

What is the Difference Between a Post and Beam Home and a Timber Framed Home?

Many people use the terms timber frame construction and post and beam constructions interchangeably, however they are actually two different types of construction.

The main difference between the two is the way the timber is connected.

Timber framed buildings use mortise and tenon joints to secure the beams to one another, whereas the post and beam construction method do not use sophisticated joinery. Instead, the beams sit on top of each other either with metal connections or simple joints securing them.

Post and Beam construction is a more simplified version of timber framed buildings, favouring simplistic design rather than intricate visually appealing joins.

How Much Does a Post and Beam Home Cost?

There is a large variation in cost of a post and beam home depending on the area, the components of the kit and the quality of kit you buy.

We have searched and analyzed hundreds of homes to try and bring you accurate pricing, and found that the average kit will cost between $70-100 per square foot.

You can buy kits for less than this, but remember you get what you pay for! You can also expect to pay two times this amount if you want a high quality kit which is constructed on site for you.

While these homes do cost more than typical stick built homes, they are much higher quality and add a structural and architectural beauty that stick built homes cannot offer.


We hope you enjoyed this roundup of twelve of the best homes available on the market today.

Perhaps you’re looking for something that you can add your own touch to and customize slightly?

Most of the companies that we have featured will happily work alongside you and an architect to make alterations, or help you to design your perfect post and beam home from scratch.

Do you prefer the traditional look of a log cabin or do you like the unique look these homes can achieve?

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve built, or are thinking of building your own post and beam home. Let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite in our roundup!


  • Hi I would like to see more info on the Plymouth carriage house , sq ft ? cost installed ? Finance details ?


    • Hi Brian, thanks for your message. It’s a beautiful home, you can read more about it following the link above, or get in touch with American Post and Beam for price details. Thanks, David

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