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Sixteen of the Best Park Model Cabins for you to Buy Right Now

Park model homes are an excellent option for both recreational and permanent homes.

These small homes are often used for a whole range of purposes including retirement homes, small guest quarters, holiday homes, and even hunting cabins.

They are often designed to maximize space and sometimes even come with loft space.

Most are built onto a trailer frame which means they are fully transportable if you want to move your cabin around.

These unique log cabins are built to look just like any regular cabins, but on a smaller scale.

Here are sixteen of the best cabins available on the market right now, enjoy!

Sixteen of the Best Park Model Cabins

Sierra Log Cabin

(c) Lancaster Log Cabins

The Sierra Log Cabin is built with real logs, stained on the outside as standard, and comes with a fully insulated roof, floor and ceiling as you can expect from a good supplier.

Having the 10-foot covered porch screened is a welcome additional option if you live in a more humid and buggy area. Our favorite elements of this cabin are that it comes with a loft included and doesn’t look like one of the typical park model cabins.


(c) Forest River Inc

The Quailridge comes with the option of having a loft, and various floorplans – you can also upgrade from linoleum to wood planks.

The exterior walls are a lifetime warrantied vinyl siding, so while it’s not a solid log build, the sides need no maintenance and timber trim keeps an air of the natural around the place. Do take advantage of the virtual tour of one of the cabins floorplans to get a good feel for the interior.

Top Line Platinum

Top Line Platinum
(c) Green River Log Cabins

The Top Line Platinum is as its name suggests, built as standard with twice-stained solid 4”x12” timber, and includes a tub shower, screened 10-foot covered porch and an interior packed with storage options.

Talking of options, you can upgrade to stained cabinets and rafters, or add some roof insulation if you’re going to be in a colder climate.


(c) Hilltop Structures

As the only one on this list of park model cabins to feature a typical barn style roof, the Jefferson T is unique in appearance.

Ideal for a couple or single person, this one bedroom cabin has an 8 foot loft space which has a ladder and railing to access. The kitchen has rustic cabinets and a built in table, and each unit has a porch which is dependent on the size of the cabin.

Rancher Log Cabin

Rancher Log Cabin
(c) Forest River Inc

This log cabin has a simple and straightforward design based around a central great room, with a bedroom either side and a bathroom tucked in the far corner. It looks very appealing with its forest green metal roof.

To complement the roof, the logs are white pine for the interior and exterior walls, and the roof and floorboards are made from southern yellow pine. Can you smell it already?

Summit Park Model Cabin

Summit Park Model Cabin
(c) Lancaster Log Cabins

Every little inch of the Summit has been designed with leisure and comfort in mind. This cabin comes in a number of different sizes, each with an individual floorplan layout.

From a one bedroom home to a two bedroom home with space for bunkbeds, this is a great cabins for small family holidays. The living space is all open plan and there is the option to add a loft space.

The Bluechip

(c) Green River Log Cabins

One of the largest cabins which is featured on this list is the Bluechip, which can sleep up to 6 people.

Designed for larger families, this high quality build has two sets of bunkbeds and a queen sized bed with drawers underneath, maximizing every little bit of space. With a high efficiency heat pump, this cabin is also very low cost to operate.

Country Cabin

Country Cabin
(c) Hilltop Structures

The Park Model Country Cabin is 12×34 square foot, with one bedroom, one bathroom and an open plan kitchen and living area. This cabin is perfect for a couple, retirement home or a small fishing or hunting cabin.

It is available with a warranty of between 5 and 50 years, and is also available in a slightly larger model which has the benefit of a screened porch.

Ozark Log Cabin Park Model Cabin

(c) Lancaster Log Cabins

With such a name, the Ozark Log Cabin being named after the Ozark mountains in Missouri, you can really imagine getting away to the mountains in this log cabin (or feeling like you’re in the mountains at the end of your garden!).

It doesn’t have the longest covered porch in our lineup, but at 8-foot it still makes a comfortable outdoor area.

America Park Model

Americas Park Cabin
(c) Forest River Inc

This deluxe cabin combines all the modern comforts with the typical feel of a log cabin, making this park cabin model difficult to beat! With sweet little windows in the loft area, this area really does make it unique.

The small loft has a gallery type appearance and allows you to sit up there and look out onto the main floor space below. The bedroom comes with built in wardrobes.

Top Line Silver Cabin

Top Line Silver
(c) Green River Log Cabins

Less is more with this quality, yet low cost build. As a modular cabin, it can easily be added to, or upgraded. Ideal for a couple, this home has a queen size bed in the bedroom, and a great open plan living space with stairs which lead up to the loft area.

With the bathroom and kitchen located towards the front of the cabin, this opens up the living space to make the most of it.

Smokey Mountain Park Cabin

Smokey Mountain Park Model
(c) Hilltop Structures

This deluxe cabin has some brilliantly unique features which is sometimes difficult to incorporate into such a small space. The reverse gable windows in the main room are not only a great eye-catcher but also let plenty of light into the room.

Allowing up to 400 square feet of living space, this cabin can have two loft dormers which allows for plenty of privacy.

Lake View Log Cabin

Lakeview Log Cabin
(c) Lancaster Log Cabins

The Lakeview Log Cabin comes with an 8-foot covered porch, a great place to enjoy a lake view. The front door leads to the heart of the home, the kitchen and dining area, leading to a bunk opposite the bathroom, with the bedroom at the back.

The rustic interior includes a breakfast bar or high table with bar stools, and hickory cabinets, countertops and backsplashes.

Riverview RV Bunk House

Riverview RV Bunk House
(c) Green River Log Cabins

The Riverview Bunk House has a large wall of windows which makes it the perfect cabin for an idyllic spot where you want to enjoy the views. This is a great cabin for a larger family, with a spacious double loft and a large breakfast bar.

If you opt for the slightly longer version, you’ll also have the choice of adding a screen porch to enjoy the early morning or late evenings.

Adirondack Log Cabin

(c) Lancaster Log Cabins

The Adirondack. Another set of mountains, and again the covered porch on this log cabin would be an amazing place to sit and breathe in fresh mountain air.

The Adirondack Log Cabin is a good midrange cabin, with one large bedroom at the back next to the bathroom and a bunk bed in the living area with the option for a futon too.

Low Country Cottage

Low Country
(c) Green River Log Cabins

You can also add a unique feature to this cabin, if you enjoy late nights. If you have double dormers on either side of the cabin, you can add a stargazer roof-top deck option.

This cabin has high ceilings which gives it a luxurious feeling, and the option of adding a rock fireplace. In the bedroom you’ll find a king-sized bed with plenty of storage options too.

What are Park Model Cabins?

Park model cabins are small homes that are made from timber. Our favorite type is the kind made with good, solid logs.

While they are mobile homes, they have been designed for being, and are most often, situated permanently.

Typically, you will find that park model cabins are limited in their potential size as they must be transported by road to wherever they will be sited.

This doesn’t mean that a park model must be what we know as a typical trailer home. As you have seen above, they really can make an incredible getaway without the cheaper feeling of cheap park model homes.

What Comes with Park Model Cabins?

Park model cabins are usually turnkey homes that are ready to go from the moment they are set up. You can expect a well kitted home, but there are always additional options.


Looking across the main suppliers of park model cabins in America, we found that in general, a good supplier provides the following as standard:
• Sealing that meets RVIA/ANSI 119.5
• Insulated roof, floor and walls
• Electric installation, plumbing and gas piping (if applicable)
• Electric or LPG water heater
• Windows

Some come with exterior stain, a trailer frame, window insulation, a jack for Cable TV and assorted furniture.

Top Tip!

Always check what the cabin comes with before buying your own, and what options are available as each suppliers will differ.


Then there are the additional options. This is where you can make the park model cabins your own.

From dormers to shutters, faucets to lighting, ceiling fans to blinds and countertop materials to kitchen appliances, there is huge scope to personalize your cabin.

Some cabins can even be customized with extra loft space, a porch area or even a roof deck.

How Much Does a Park Model Cabin Cost?

If a company provides a price outright, you can assume that it’s for the standard package and delivery costs aren’t included.

For new, turnkey park model cabins you’re going to pay anything from $80-$170 per square foot, plus some extra for any additional options.

There is such a large variance in price per square foot because, from the quality of the build, to the reputation of the company, you really do get what you pay for.

The average cost of all these cabins works out at exactly $45,000.

If you keep an eye on the market for sales, secondhand or repossessed cabins, you could pick up a great deal for a lot cheaper.

If you’re interested in park model cabins but don’t have the capital, you can also look at getting a simple interest RV loan.


Can you picture yourself living in any one of these homes? If so, perhaps a park model cabin is the best option for you.

Whether you’re looking for a holiday home or a new permanent residence, these small cabins offer great value for money and could be the perfect solution if you’ve always wanted to live in a log home without the larger size.

If you’re still not totally sold on buying a park cabin, perhaps building your own small log home would be more appealing?

Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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