12 Off Grid Tiny Home Alternatives

12 Off Grid Tiny House Alternatives: On Wheels, Yurts & More

We have previously spoken about the economic freedom, green benefits and financial independence gained from building and living in a log cabin.

These magical eight benefits can also be gained from living off-grid in tiny house alternatives.

2017 was a peak for tiny house living.

Alaska, Vermont, Oregon, Maine, and Colorado were the states most frequently pursuing off-grid lifestyles.

So in this round-up, we share the most exciting 12 alternatives to log cabin living, but remaining off-grid:

  1. Skoolies (i.e. RV Conversion or Bus Conversion)
  2. Birckawood
  3. Tumbleweed
  4. t@b
  5. Kanga Room
  6. Sportsmobile
  7. Caboose
  8. Container Homes
  9. Yurt
  10. Gypsy Getaway Wagon
  11. Cargo Trailers
  12. Kokoon

1. Skoolies, RV Conversions and Bus Conversions!

YouTube video

What on earth is a Skoolie?!

RV Conversions burst onto the off-grid scene in 2013 thanks to a popular US TV show.

Since then, there have been thousands of Americans who have taken to the road to living in these incredible bus conversions.

Typically these “adventure buses” are used school buses which have been decommissioned from service.

They are purchased for a fraction of the original price of $3,000 to $5,000 and then restored and converted into a perfect tiny house.

The restoration process is typically complete within six months with the concept to be as frugal as possible.

The Skoolie can then be used to live in permanently or as a travel companion.

You can find anyone from hippies, families, and business owners in Skoolies.

Once converted they can provide up to 250 square feet of living space in a mobile form factor allowing you to move from favorite place to favorite place easily and cost-effectively.

2. Brikawood “Studio Kit”

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If Skoolies and DIY isn’t really your thing… the Brikawood “Studio Kit” probably is.

Welcome to the world’s first nail-less and screw-less home.

Yes, no nails or screws.

This innovative kit, built by a French company, is a complete modular tiny house.

Their innovative interlocking wooden blocks work just like LEGO.

You can easily lock them together to build a home.

Their working guide estimates build completion can be within five days with two men!

Once built you have yourself an impressive off-grid home which resembles a lot of the beauty of a log home – without the hard DIY intensity of building one by hand.

3. Tumbleweed tiny houses on Wheels!

YouTube video

The tiny house before tiny houses were a THING!

Tumbleweed was launched in 1999.

So if you want the mobility of a Skoolie, but not the DIY of Birkawood – what do you do?

You put a pre-made tiny house on wheels and problem solved!

Tumbleweed, do exactly that.

They manufacture tiny houses and mount them to trailers ready to be towed anywhere.

Coined by CEO Steve Weissmann; their trailers provide mobility and roots.

Tumbleweed was established to provide tiny houses to those who love them but don’t want to build them.

They range from 250 to 800 square feet of luxurious mobile off-grid living.

However, you may have to join a waiting list to get your hands on one of these beautiful tiny houses on wheels as over 2,000 people a month inquire about them.

4. What is a t@b?!

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We have seen mobile RVs and school buses being turned into off-grid homes. We have seen lego house kits and even pre-made tiny houses on wheels.

But, what is a t@b?

The t@b trailer is aclaimed to be a weekend warrior!

A compact steel tiny house trailer on wheels.

You can pick up one for between $15,000 to $25,000.

This purpose-built tiny house is a perfect getaway for two people.

Whilst not as practical as a tumbleweed home; these off-grid alternatives are perfect for the couple who want to trial off-grid living for short periods of time.

Whilst tiny, these 60 feet square trailers, are fully equipped with a kitchen, toilet, and bed.

5. Kanga Rooms

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So, you like the idea of a log cabin?

But you don’t want to purchase a second-hand home.

And you don’t want to build one yourself.

Kanga Rooms are one of your best options if you want a log cabin alternative.

Similar to Brikawood studio kits, these pre-fabriacted homes are claimed to be America’s best design and build of wooden home kits.

They have a catalogue of six tiny houses ranging from a $5,000 80 square feeet Kwik Room all the way through to a 200 square feet cabin for $10,000.

KangaRooms will also undertake the installation of your wooden home for an additional expense.

6. SportsMobile

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Looking for an RV Conversion but you aren’t sure where to start?

You love the look of a Skoolie but don’t like the thought of DIY?

SportsMobile specialize in converting new or used RVs into superb campervans and off grid living homes.

If you have a:

  • Mercedes sprinter
  • Ford Transit
  • Dodge promaster
  • Chevy
  • Ford e-van
  • Mercedes metris

Then you are in luck!

SportsMobile fully convert your van into a perfect off grid home or alternatively install a penthouse top so you can sleep in your RV.

SportsMobile also sell pre-owned conversions which are a perfect first step into mobile tiny house off grid living!

What a superb concept.

7. Caboose Park Trailer

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If you love the idea of a Tumbleweed tiny house on wheels; then a caboose may be an alternative option for you.

Manufactured in the US by Wheelhaus the caboose is a 400 square feet rig with a purpose-built design for off grid living in a tiny and compact space.

The Caboose can easily accommodate a six people with a luxurious and spacious loft area.

The price of a caboose is $125,000 with an additional $15,000 in interior fixtures and fittings.

Unlike a Tumbleweed, which can be towed by a good RV, a Caboose park trailer will require hauling by an articulating truck.

So, whilst perfectly equipped for off grid living, you won’t want to be moving this trailer frequently.

8. Container Homes

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Whilst we are talking about static tiny house living.

How could we not mention the famous container home?!

In 2005, people started converting old shipping containers into actual homes.

These old containers can be picked up for as little as $3,000 to $6,000.

With a typical size of a single shipping container providing 266 square feet they are very cost effective.

Recycling with containers, makes the world a much better place whilst keeping the cost of living down.

Owners typically build with multiple containers and for $50,000 you can have a large off grid home ready to move in!

Alternatively, companies like Back Country Containers will build and deliver your container to site.

9. Yurt Living

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Looking for a modern-day adaption of a Turkish Yurt?

Modern adaptions of these ancient shelters are becoming increasing popular thanks to pacific yurts.

A Yurt was historically built to be lived in by Shepherds and families in central ASIA.

These portable structures are highly versatile and use their structure to create strength.

The collapsible wooden walls provides strength whilst being easy to fold and move.

A Yurt can range from a 12FT diameter up to a 30FT diameter costing from $5,000-$15,000.

Yurts will really enable you to find your roots and live in a pure off grid world.

10. Gypsy Getaway Wagon

YouTube video

A Gypsy what?

Getaway Wagon!

What a superb idea.

Think back to the Tumbleweed design earlier in the article.

A Gypsy Getaway Wagon is a superb, easy to haul, tiny house. These wagons are built for simplicity, easy of movement and have superb designs.

Boasting spiritual properties of enabling you to rediscover yourself in these historic wagons escaping from everyday living.

You can even trial these wagons from as little as $69 per day!

Unlike Tumbleweed tiny houses, these wagons don’t have integrated showers.

More inspirational, than pure off-grid living, these wagons can certainly provide inspiration and a nice retreat for a short weekend.

11. Cargo Trailers

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We are sticking with tiny houses on wheels still.

So far you have seen Tumbleweeds, t@b, Caboose and Gypsy Getaway Wagon.

Now it’s time for the cargo trailer.

These cargo containers, similar to container homes, are converted from used cargo containers.

Typically used to transport wildlife and cattle, these cargo trailers can provide spacious, cheap and portable tiny houses.

Ranging from 80 square-feet to over 200 these cargo trailers can cost as little as $4,000.

Once converted you have a tiny house feel and tiny budget price tag.

Like most of the tiny house options on wheels, you will require an RV or truck to move the trailer if you are planning on being mobile.

12. Kokoon tiny houses

YouTube video

Like some of the titles in this round up of 12 Off Grid tiny house Alternatives, you are probably thinking…

What is a Kokoon?

No it isn’t a cocoon!

The founders of Kokoon describe their tiny house as an idea not a home.

An idea to live debt free and commute free.

So they built a tiny house on wheels; similar to Tumbleweed.

They also have tiny houses with pods, kits and static cabins; a full range of alternatives ranging from $5,000 to $25,000.


There you have it!

12 Off Grid Home Alternatives ranging from cars, buses, tents, wooden structures and trailers … the options are endless.

If given considerate research and time, all of these alternatives can provide a superb alternative to a log home.

What do you think?

Would you swap your log home for one of these alternatives?!

Let us know in the comments below.

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