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Log Cabin Fireplaces: Your Inspiration

A house with no fireplace is a house without a heart – Gladys Taber

Nothing quite matches the charm of a rustic log cabin with a roaring fireplace in the winter. It arouses feelings of warmth, nostalgia, and peace, especially after a long day in the cold.

While in more traditional homes, fireplaces no longer hold the same status that they once did; in log cabins, they are very much a necessity.

Fireplaces not only serve the practical purpose of bringing warmth to your home, but they offer a relaxing and cheerful place to cozy up around with family and friends. It’s a place to snuggle up with a book and a cup of cocoa, a place to warm your toes after a long day.

Fireplaces can also reduce heating costs, and reduce your carbon footprint by using wood which is a renewable source.

Most log cabin fireplaces are made using stone which is one of the most complimentary materials available to wood.

Although the building material may be similar in most of the fireplaces we see, the variation in design is huge.

From small humble wood burners to huge majestic designs, let’s relax and take a look at some of our favorite fireplaces.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own fireplace, grab a pen and take note of the different features you like in your favorites.

Small Cosy Fireplace

This small fireplace is perhaps the standard size that you would see in a regular log cabin.

It has a lot of rustic charm and uses large rectangular-shaped stones to create the hearth.

The wooden slab sits right the way to the back wall and also acts as a shelf, or in this case a bookshelf.

A great feature in this fireplace is that the stones carry on right the way along the back wall, and slopes down on the walls on either side which creates a focal point in the room.

Usually, people steer away from adding stuffed animals or antlers into small rooms such as this for fear of overcrowding, but the antlers on either side of the stag painting are a welcome addition to this simple yet effective-looking fireplace.

Large River Rock Fireplace

This ceiling to floor hearth is made from a variety of natural stones.

The designer of this fireplace recommends using large river rocks to make a statement fireplace that helps to blend the indoors and the outdoors.

The designer also recommends that if you don’t want to do a complete home makeover, a collection of rocks from the river or stream in glass can add a nice touch to your home.

Industrial Log Cabin Fireplace

This wood burner is unlike anything you would normally imagine when you picture a log cabin fireplace.

Steering clear of the traditional stone fireplace, the designer of this room has managed to create a very unique, industrial yet homely feel.

The fireplace is totally symmetrical which is then carried out further into the room, and the dark materials used for the fireplace are brightened up by light features in the room.

Centre Piece Fireplace

This fireplace can be accessed from all sides and has just a small section in the middle to keep the fire contained.

Although definitely not for the child-friendly home, this fireplace is a very unique feature with plenty of space to add ornaments and candles all the way around the perimeter.

Stone Slab Fireplace

The surround of this fireplace is very unique.

In contrast to the horizontal thick log walls of the cabin, the fireplace uses vertical thin logs to frame it and continues this around the mantelpiece too.

The immediate fire surround is made of three large slabs of stone which gives it a solid and attractive finish.

Stuffed Animal Fireplace

A stuffed animal head is perhaps one of the most common things that spring to mind when you think of decoration for a log cabin fireplace.

Animal head features blend in well with all the natural elements of the room, the wood, the stones, and the great outdoor views.

If you don’t want to go the full hog and have a stuffed animal on your wall, you could consider the fireplace further up that has a painting of a stag and real antlers on either side.

Log Mantle Piece

Mantle pieces are an important consideration of any fireplace design. Some have a stone slab protruding out of the wall; some use a log, half in, half out of the wall.

This particular design is a favorite because it carries the craftsmanship of a log cabin building through to the fireplace and uses the same join as a log cabin corner.

The two pieces coming out of the wall act as brackets for the main shelf, and they have been notched to allow the shelf log to sit nicely on top of them.

Clever Wood Storage Log Cabin Fireplace

We’ve seen plenty of fireplaces in this round-up with just regular wood storage bins beside them or sat on the hearth.

This one includes a clever design that allows the wood to be stored on the side of the fireplace, the storage isn’t visible from the front and is well hidden.

We haven’t seen many plants alongside fireplaces in this roundup either – a splash of green adds a nice touch to any fireplace.

Fireplace in the Bedroom

Proving fireplaces aren’t just for the living areas.

This fireplace is an example of how well fireplaces can work in bedrooms.

Built into a selection of square and rectangular stones, this fireplace brings plenty of warmth into a room that might otherwise feel quite open to the elements with the huge glass window.

The natural wooden log shelf above the fireplace creates a unique mantelpiece and the forest scene doors were custom made for the log home’s fireplace.

Fireplace in the Kitchen

How about a fireplace in the kitchen too?

Especially if you have a nice large open-plan kitchen like this one. Your guests can mill around while you cook, with the roaring fire in the background.

Given the size of this large stone surround, it’s possible that it is a double-sided fire too so that you can enjoy the warmth of the fire from the other side, or if it has a divider in the middle, you could light a second fire to warm the living room.

A Log Cabin Fireplace next to the Hot Tub

Perhaps even more idyllic than having a fireplace in your bathroom, is having it in your spa room!

This hot tub is placed right next to a blazing fire with plenty of candles to add atmosphere.

On a winter’s day, I would imagine spending time in this room would feel truly luxurious looking out over the forest through the floor-to-ceiling windows and being warmed by the large stone fire.

Covered Outside Fireplace

Fireplaces don’t just have to be for the indoors.

This outdoor fireplace is a great example of that.

An outdoor fire provides a place where you can enjoy being closer to nature.

The beauty of this outdoor fireplace is that is it completely covered, so can be enjoyed whatever the weather.

The floor-to-ceiling stone surround of the fireplace extends round to encase the BBQ.

Outside Fire Pit for a Log Home

Although not technically a fire ‘place’ this fire pit provides plenty of warmth to entertain guests outside.

The beauty of a fire pit is that it can also be used for cooking as well as warmth.

You also don’t have to think about ventilation as you would in a house as the smoke from your fire will just go into the surrounding air.

Fire-pits can be quick and easy to build and can be built using many different materials such as stone, steel, and bricks. It can be as small or as large as you’d like it.

Fireplace at Christmas

Is there are a more special place than the fireplace on Christmas Eve?

This fireplace is included in this roundup to give you some inspiration for what your fireplace could look like at Christmas.

With fresh fir and holly to dress the mantelpiece and an authentic pair of stockings, this look is easily achievable on any log cabin fireplace.


Fireplaces form the center of the log cabin home and are an integral part of living the rustic cabin lifestyle.

There is an abundance of design features that you could include in your own fireplace design.

From your choice of materials to the size, to the accessories you use to finish it.
Did any of the fireplaces catch your eye? Which was your favorite?


  • Dreaming of a forever log home in the trees with mountains outside the windows view – our paradise!

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