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Living with Wood: From the Beginning of Time Infographic

Trees have played a crucial part in the development of construction; their wood has provided protection from the elements in every single civilisation throughout history.

As more materials were found throughout the ages, woodwork skills became more enhanced and so did the structures which were built.

Wood is an exceptionally useful and versatile material used for construction, furniture, fuel, tools, weapons and so much more. Wood has been a part of our lives since the beginning of time and woodworking has played a vital part in the advancement of civilisation.

Here is the way wood has shaped our lives… read on to see Living with Wood: From the Beginning of Time (make sure you open the image for the full size image)

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From the stone age to the 21st century and every age between. From hammers, woodworking planes and watermills. And finally, from pyramids to log cabins – wood has held a crucial role in the development of construction and civilization.

It’s essential that we continue to protect this beautiful natural resource for future generations to enjoy!


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  • I’m thinking of building a log home in Arizona and was wondering what you would recommend as the best type of lumber to use? any considerations we should think of when selecting the lumber?

    • Hi Brion,

      Good luck with building your new log home! We have a blog post on selecting lumber which I hope you will find useful.

      In terms of specific considerations, make sure the timber isn’t rotten and that it hasn’t been dried outside without any shelter or protection (otherwise your cabin will shrink and move).

      If you have any more questions feel free to ask,


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