Amish Built Cabins

Amish Built Cabins – A Roundup and Review of the Best Kits

If you’ve been searching for the best Amish built cabin to suit your needs, then look no further. We have rounded up eight of the best cabins for you to take a look at.

The craftsmanship which goes into one of these cabins is second-to-none.

High-quality craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations, really makes the Amish cabins stand out.

If you can’t decide whether to go with a manufactured or an Amish built cabin then we can help to clarify the differences for you.

Perhaps you’re here to simply enjoy the beauty of some quality, hand-hewn Amish cabins, or are gathering information before making some big decisions.

Whatever the reason you’re with us, here are 8 of the most popular Amish cabins for you!

The Best Amish Built Cabins

8. The Frontier

The Frontier
(c) Zook Cabins

Bedrooms: 2 – 3 | Footprint: 22’ x 36’ – 30’ x 56’ | Price: $75 – 350k

If you enjoy sitting outside, sheltered from the elements but still being able to enjoy nature around you, then the Frontier cabin might be the one for you.

This high quality hand-hewn log home has a corner porch for reading a book quietly in the early evening or watching the children play outdoors in the afternoon.

This cabin has a modern design built around an original layout, dating back to the 17th century.

With the option of 2 or 3 bedrooms, The Frontier cabin is perfect for a couple or small family looking to get away to their favorite retreat.

This cabin boasts a spacious kitchen and dining area, and a well-laid-out bathroom. There is plenty of room inside for friends and family, and with stained log siding, it is pleasing to look at from the outside.

Larger options include a laundry room, master bathroom, or mudroom.

7. Appalachian

(c) Amish Made Cabins

Bedrooms: 1 – 2 | Footprint: 14’ x 28’ – 14’ x 48’ | Price: $43 – 79k

Amish Made Cabins have made their Appalachian cabin readily available and popular too.

It is a versatile cabin, with options ranging from one-bedroom with no porch to two bedrooms with a porch. Even the smallest layout available has a cozy great room, perfect for those cold evenings.

On the larger side, this home has a full front porch with a second bedroom for friends or family to get a good night’s sleep.

The rustic interior design leaves plenty of room for putting your own touch on the decorating. This cabin can be fully customized, and if a front porch isn’t enough outside space a full wrap porch can be added.

A full front porch not enough for you? Why not add an extended porch and make it a full wrap-around.

From stained ceiling timbers, trim and cabinets, to lap siding and a loft with railing and ladder, there really is scope to personalize this cabin.

6. Senna Cabin

Senna Cabin
(c) Amish Cabin Company

Bedrooms: 1 | Footprint: 12’ x 43’ | Price: $61k

The Senna cabin is a park model RV, so can be relatively easily relocated.

The Amish Cabin Company has created a straightforward, practical, and attractive design. It comes with one price and one layout, so you know what you’re getting without any hidden costs.

This cabin is available in a rustic or a country cottage style, with plenty of interior options and colors to choose from.

The Senna cabin is a huge 43 foot long, and it only has one bedroom. There is still space for guests though, with cleverly placed bunk beds that sit between the kitchen and bedroom.

This well-thought-out design allows for plenty of living space but also houses other facilities. It has a bathroom with a shower and toilet, a laundry room, and a very useful loft.

A spacious 8-foot porch can be found at the end of this property, for enjoying the afternoon warmth while keeping shaded.

What cabin would be complete without a fireplace in the living room to snuggle up and enjoy some alone time or pass the time in the company of friends?

5. Mountaineer Deluxe Cabin Amish Built Cabin

The Mountaineer Deluxe Amish Built Cabin
(c) Zook Cabins

Bedrooms: 2 – 3 | Footprint: 26’ x 36’ – 30’ x 56’ | Price: $75 – 350k

The Mountaineer Deluxe cabin is another stunning Amish built cabin.

This cabin features an 18-foot high ceiling, making the great room even greater. It must be seen to be truly appreciated. The glass windows let in a glorious amount of natural light, opening the great room space even further.

The high ceiling makes the loft space adaptable, with a spare room behind it that could be used for multiple uses. It could be an extra bedroom for guests, a quiet office to get work or studying done, or a second living room for children to get away to.

Even the smallest 26’ x 36’ cabin allows a luxurious space perfect for everyone to spend time together.

Available in a wide range of floorplans, this cabin is very customizable and can be built with one, two, or three bedrooms, and one or two bathrooms.

4. The Moose

Moose Cabin
(c) Deer Run Cabins

Bedrooms: 1 – 2 | Footprint: 14’ x 28’ – 14’ x 48’ | Price: $26 – 60k

The Moose is a similar size to the Appalachian cabin which we featured above.

The structured insulated panels it is built with are sure to keep you cozy, and the roof is guaranteed hassle-free for 40 years. As a guest house, an office, or even a little getaway cabin, The Moose really is great value for money.

A small porch on the gable end will make for some pleasant evenings, or a good place to enjoy an alfresco lunch break. There is the option for a second porch on the other gable end if one isn’t enough.

With loft space above the porch and the option of one or two bedrooms, this cabin is extremely versatile.

These cabins come pre-built, and the interior will be left plain for you to spruce up yourself. They do, however, include all the electrical and plumbing fixtures.

3. Boone Amish Cabin

Boone Amish Cabin
(c) Amish Made Cabins

Bedrooms: 1 | Footprint: 14’ x 28’ – 14’ x 48’ | Price: $43 – 73k

Maybe you’re searching for a guest house or you just want an affordable place to get away to on the weekends. Either way, the Boone cabin is a simple but well-made home.

It makes the most of the limited space available with a carefully designed corner porch entrance, leading onto the great room, including the kitchen just around the corner.

The bedroom and bathroom across from the entrance. There is a full choice of colors, a range of different sized porches, shutters on the front windows, and up to 2 dormers.

The roof comes in either shingle or metal, so you can choose how rustic the cabin will be. These clever cabins can be connected to make up the extra floor space you have been dreaming about.

This is perfect for the ever-growing family, or for grandparents who want to ensure there is plenty of space for all the grandchildren.

2. The Antelope

The Antelope
(c) Deer Run Cabins

Bedrooms: 2 – 6 | Footprint: 14’ x 52’ – 62’ x 68’ | Price: $54 – 286k

If you feel like designing your own cabin layout, the Antelope is in a league of its own when you consider the range of formations available.

This Amish built cabin is fully adaptable to your needs. Similar to the last cabin, these cabins can be combined to create the perfect space.

Using two cabins allows you to create a T or L-shaped cabin, and using three cabins allows you to create one long space or a C-shaped home.

The C formation leaves a lovely space between the middle for a garden, outdoor lounging area, or even a safe play area for the children. For ultimate floor space, you could opt for an E formation, which uses four cabins.

This colossal size gives over 2600 sq. ft to enjoy the company of many people or be used to keep all your favorite things in while remaining fully functional as a home.

1. Retreat Cabin

Retreat Amish Built Cabin
(c) Meadowlark Log Homes

Bedrooms: 1 | Footprint: 18’ x 24’ | Price: £32 – 36k

Here is the last on our list, and possibly our favorite cozy and compact getaway. The Retreat cabin is a beautiful and simple Amish built cabin.

Despite its smaller footprint, it is deceptively roomy inside, this is mostly attributed to the sleeping area being upstairs. The loft has 144 sq. ft to offer, so has room for two singles or a double bed.

In a fashion true to a rustic Retreat cabin, this leaves the sleeping area calm and clear of distractions. Coming down the beautifully handcrafted stairway, you enter the great room.

With a kitchen in the corner, and comfortable space for resting in, the great room is an ideal family space. The windows seem to find the perfect balance between natural lighting and insulation, not giving away too much of that valuable heat.

A bathroom with a shower is hidden around the corner next to the kitchen. Outside, you can enjoy views from many directions with a full front and side covered porch.

What is the Difference Between Manufactured Log Homes and Amish Built Log Cabins?

To get to the bottom of this, first we need to quickly clear up the difference between terms for prefabricated log homes.

‘Prefabricated’ isn’t a complete definition of how your cabin will be constructed. All it means is that the building has been pre-assembled off-site.

Even in the industry, this is often misinterpreted. What matters is how the log home is constructed on-site.

Amish, Modular, Manufactured or Kit?

What are the differences?

Log Cabin Kit

A log cabin kit is a complete set of parts that you will need to construct your own cabin. They will have been pre-assembled in the factory to make sure they fit, then delivered to your site either as individual parts or in sections. The construction is carried out by the buyer, on a permanent foundation. This is usually the cheapest option as you skip the labor costs and it offers greater design potential than manufactured log homes.

Manufactured Log Cabin

The timber of a manufactured cabin will be uniformly machined or milled and constructed in the factory on a steel frame. The complete home will be delivered on a trailer to the site and laid on the foundation or left on a trailer bed. This is usually the second cheapest option but is limited in design possibility due to the complete structure having to fit on a trailer.

Modular Log Cabin

A modular log cabin is essentially a kit that will be constructed by the construction company instead of the buyer. It is assembled in sections off-site, then delivered to the site, and built on a permanent foundation. Like kits, modular cabins can have a wider range of layouts than manufactured but are still slightly limited.

Amish Built Cabins

An Amish built cabin is just that, a cabin that has been built by an Amish company. The Amish are renowned for their hand working skills, avoiding machinery, and have long lived in log homes. You can expect to pay a higher price for one of these homes, the labor that goes into each log being hand-hewn will give your log cabin a high-quality finish and feel.

Amish built cabins describe how and by who a log cabin is made – they can either be custom-built, modular or come as a kit.

Important Things To Check with the Manufacturer

If you are opting for the DIY option, always check whether the following is included:

  • Unloading at site
  • Engineering permits
  • Windows and/or doors
  • Reassembly of any parts, especially the roof
  • Custom floor plans
  • Plumbing, electrics, heating
  • Any onsite work
  • Cabinetry, flooring and wall covering/trim
  • Foundation or cement
  • White goods, furniture, fixtures and furnishings
  • Varnish, wood stain or caulking
  • Framing or subflooring


So, there you have it. 8 beautiful cabins, ranging from excellent value for your money to extravagant quality builds.

By now you will have a clearer idea about which Amish built cabin you want, or at least what to check before making an important purchase.

But remember, cheap doesn’t always mean better.

Always find out whether the company provides manufactured, modular, or cabin kits, and ask for their own interpretation of what that means.

Work your way through the list above with them to make sure there are no hidden surprises.

Do you already have an Amish built cabin? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.


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