Rustic Log Cabins

10 Rustic Log Cabins That Will Make You Want To Sell Up Today

Rustic. What is rustic? The definition of ‘rustic’ is essentially simplistic and unsophisticated.

I guess you are therefore expecting this round-up of rustic log cabins to be plain and boring?! Oh, how wrong you are!

Sometimes; simplicity is much more beautiful than a sprawling building with all the latest modern technologies.

Get ready to go on a ten-minute vacation exploring from back-to-basics rustic cabins to far more luxurious log cabins that still manage to maintain a rustic feel!

If you are anything like us, these cabins will leave you craving a simpler lifestyle in a perfect rustic log cabin-like one of these…

1) Dunton Hot Springs Cabin, Colorado

Duton Hot Springs Cabin Photo Credit: Dunton Hot Springs/Jack Richmond Photography

This cabin is set in the alpine valley, nestled deep within the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Best described as a ghost town full of contradictions, this resort offers simplistic hand-hewn log cabins which are finely furnished, amazing quality food served from a life-worn saloon, and sensuous hot springs overlooking the icy mountains.

The rustic cabins can be rented individually, or the town as a whole to provide for larger occasions. The cabins, each uniquely and beautifully designed, circle a saloon and dance hall.

Each cabin possesses its own unique characteristics, but the one thing they all share in common is the magnificent mountain views out of each and every window.

2) Luxurious Rustic Cabin, Montana’s Yellowstone Club

Yellowstone Rustic Cabin Photo Credit: Carole Sisson Designs.

Set within the Yellowstone Club of Montana’s famous mountains, is this exquisite log cabin. Although extravagant this log home still has a very rustic feel to it.

Designer Erika Jennings was able to incorporate many of the owner’s furnishings that they already owned to create the perfect cozy inviting atmosphere they were aiming for. The interior is very simple yet of extremely high quality.

This cabin is full of rustic charm throughout the open-plan space. It is made up of one large living space, with a private master suite and loft space for the children to sleep in.

This environmentally friendly rustic cabin has been honoured at the highest possible certification by the United State Green Building Council (the first in southwest Montana!)

3) Prosperity Lodge

Prosperity Ridge Photo Credit: Pioneer Log Homes of BC

Sat upon a ridge high above Williams Lake, British Columbia, is this very beautiful 5,500 square foot log home.

When David and Alyssa Chevigny decided to build their third log home, the design and idea were inspired by creating a space ‘for everyone to be together and feel comfortable’ says Alyssa.

The result was a floorplan that offers open living, cooking, and dining spaces, with private bedrooms for guests.

The log home was also designed to make the most of the beautiful views ‘No matter where you are in the home, the view is stunning,’ Alyssa says.

This log home is very unique in the way that the logs appear to be naturally growing from the ground. Pioneer’s builder, Beat Schwaller said ‘we had to show off those big root systems.’

4) Shooting Star Cabin

Shooting Star Cabin Photo Credit

Located in the heart of Paradise Valley near Yellowstone National Park in Montana, the Shooting Star cabin is a spacious cabin with a vaulted pine ceiling.

The interior is very inviting, and its décor is in keeping with the rustic feel of the cabin, with solid wooden furniture and an open plan living space.

There is also a large spa tub in the bathroom to relax and unwind in!

Nestled at the foot of the Absaroka Mountain Range, the cabin has a covered deck area with seating that has views over the amazing surrounding landscape.

5) Rustic Cabin on Wheels

Rustic Cabin on Wheels Photo Credit: Spice Box Homes

Tiny Homes have become more and more popular over the last few years.

Perhaps it is because they can be taken anywhere in the world, perhaps because of the relatively cheap cost of building a regular home, or perhaps because they are a greener option and many are off-grid.

This 198 square foot cabin has a kitchen and living area, one-bedroom, and a bathroom and costs $25k.

Designed and built by SpiceBox, their vision was to create a functional easy to move home that was affordable and energy-efficient.

They used reclaimed materials, a vintage RV stove, reclaimed barn roofing and passive solar-heating with the aim of making their home coexist with the environment.

6) Mountain Spirit

Mountain Spirit Photo Credit: Airbnb

Mountain Spirit is located in Blue Ridge, GA.

The cabin has a wonderful covered porch area with seating to enjoy the beautiful scenic mountain views.

The lower deck is also covered and has another seating area perfect for picnics, and a Jacuzzi.

The interior is very tastefully decorated with an open plan kitchen, dining, and living space.

The two bedrooms both have queen size beds, in keeping with the rustic style, made from logs.

7) Springs Retreat

Springs Retreat Photo Credit: Airbnb

Springs Retreat is a two-story cabin, the only building in a 12-acre wooded area, surrounded by woods and wildlife.

The quaint-looking cabin is just as inviting on the inside as it is on the out. There is a small open-plan living space, which is decorated in keeping the rustic charm of the exterior.

Up the stairs, there are two bedrooms and unique little details scattered throughout.

The family built Springs Retreat to use as their first home, and love the simplicity and solitude it offers.

Being tucked away from the main roads, the cabin feels like it is in the middle of nowhere, with the added benefit that it is only a few miles from the nearest town.

8) Cozy Log Cabin, Lookout Mountain

Cozy Log Cabin Photo Credit: Airbnb

This beautiful labor of love was built by the owners themselves, along with much of the furniture inside.

Located on Lookout Mountain, GA, every single detail in the cabin is beautiful.

The main log home has a wonderful rich rustic feel throughout, with a large great room that is very cozy and inviting.

There is a private suite attached to the cabin with its own entrance, where there is a queen-size bed, a bunk bed, a small kitchenette area, a dining space, and a bathroom.

The many plants and shrubs that surround the cabin certainly add to the rustic feel, the property is overflowing with home grown organic goodies, which the owners utilise to make their meals for their guests.

9) Spectacular Cabin in the Woods

Spectacular Cabin In The Woods Photo Credit: Airbnb

Located in Caledon, ON, Canada, and set on 15 acres of wooded land, with a ½ acre pond, is this cozy log cabin.

Perhaps one of the more true rustic cabins we are featuring, this log cabin has no running water and provides a real back to basics experience. (Just in case this is too much though – the main house has running water!)

In the cabin, there are two rooms downstairs, the main room which is home to a wood-burning stove and living space, and the back room with a kitchenette and an ‘airhead’ compost toilet.

To reach the sleeping area on the second floor, there is a ladder which takes you into an A framed roof.

10) Bean Blossom Village Cabin

Bean Blossom Photo Credit: Brown County Log Cabins / Photographer: Steve Cale

Located in the middle of Bean Blossom, Nashville, Indiana, is this sweet-looking one-bedroomed log home – A very cozy place to relax in.

This cabin fits very well into its surroundings, with a wide stone chimney and a green roof.

The square logs with thick caulking add a rustic charm to the property, and the outdoor covered porch area provides a perfect space to sit and reflect.

The cabin is spread out on one level, with a comfortable lounging space to enjoy the wood-burning fire.


So there you have it – Our Top Ten Rustic Log Cabins!

Our favorite is a close call between the simple cabin on wheels which would allow you to see the world from the comfort of your own home and the luxurious cabin in Montana.

We hope you enjoyed this roundup, has it made you think about starting a new simplistic, back to nature life? Let us know below.


  • I’m very interested in the Rustic look as it’s just what I’m after, wanting a weathered look. I’m only interested in building a small workshop in my back garden, say about 20 ft x 12 ft size determined by local regulations on permitted percentage size of site area on other structures already erected. But the stumbling block is I live in the UK and cannot find any suppliers of logs here. Buying and having them shipped in from abroad would be out of the question as I would think the cost must be astronomical. I’m now looking at constructing a 4 x 2 framework and adding sidings hopefully trying to get the Rustic look and because of not finding a log supplier having to use 8 inch diameter poles cut down the middle to form two D sections. Pity really as logs would have been better. I’m 74 with ill health and having a go at tackling the build myself.

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