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10 Pre Built Cabins: The Complete Roundup and Comparison

What are pre built cabins? Shall I buy one? Will it make a nice vacation home? Are they worth the money I spend on them? Do pre built cabins depreciate faster than traditional stick-built cabins?

If you are asking yourself any of these questions about pre builds, then we’re here to clear them up for you.

If you’re not looking to build your own cabin, and would rather purchase a cabin fully built and delivered to your piece of land, then pre built cabins might be the answer for you.

They come with a midrange price tag, and there are many options available to appease all tastes.

If you’re looking for information about these cabins, you might want to jump ahead to one of the following sections:

These top ten cabins are some of the best in the industry.

Top Ten Pre Built Cabins

10. The Caribou Cabin

Caribou Cabin
(c) Deer Run Cabins

Bedrooms: 1-2 | Footprint: 14’ x 28’ – 14’ x 48’ | Square Footage: 392 – 672 | Price: $-$$

The first of our pre built cabins to look at and number 10 on our list is The Caribou Cabin.

It ranges from 392 to 672 square foot and features a reverse gable to open the bedroom ceiling space.

Waking up in your bedroom, you’ll find a corner closet and enough space for a bedside cabinet.

As you come out of the door you enter the great room, a cozy space with windows on either side.

Across the great room is the kitchen and entrance with a handy loft space above, while behind you to the side is the bathroom with a shower and toilet.

9. The Pioneer

The Pioneer Kozy
(c) Kozy Log Cabins

Bedrooms: 1 | Footprint: 14’ x 36’ | Square Footage: 504 | Price: $-$$

The Pioneer is a small, one bedroomed cabin perfect for weekend getaways, as a hunting or fishing lodge or as a small home for a couple.

The one bedroom spans the width of the cabin, and the bathroom is between the bedroom and living room.

This gives the occupant slightly less space in the living area, but a more luxurious feel when settling in bed for the evening.

There is a 4’ x 14’ covered porch at the front of the cabin and an outside door from the bedroom too.

Wake up, open your door and breathe in the fresh outdoors.

8. The White Tail

The White Tail Log Cabin
(c) Deer Run Cabins

Bedrooms: 1-2 | Footprint: 14’ x 28’ – 14’ x 48’ | Square Footage: 392 – 672 | Price: $-$$

Offered as Deer Run Cabins’ basic cabin design, The White Tail costs slightly less than The Caribou.

Despite costing slightly less, The White Tail has a larger inner space.

With the same size and general layout, this cabin makes its extra space by losing the covered corner entrance porch.

This allows a larger living area in the great room, but it does mean that the entrance is exposed to the elements.

This company offers a fully customizable design with their pre built cabins, so you can add a covered porch to the front or back.

7. Pioneer Cabin

Pioneer Hilltop Log Cabin
(c) Hilltop Structures

Bedrooms: 2 | Price: $$

The second Pioneer Cabin to feature on our list comes with a full front covered porch, for those who enjoy their time outdoors as much as they do indoors.

From the outside, the symmetry of the cabin is very visually appealing.

For this layout design, the entrance is in the middle of the long side, into the great room with a well laid out kitchen in front of you.

The bedrooms are on opposing ends of the cabin, each with two walk-in closets, and ample space around each bed.

6. The Homestead

The Homestead
(c) Kozy Log Cabins

Bedrooms: 2 | Footprint: 15’8” x 40’ | Square Footage: 627 | Price: $-$$

The Homestead is a strong contender as a solidly designed cabin. Given the footprint, it comes as a surprise that this cabin has not only two bedrooms, but two bathrooms too.

So where does this space come from?

Well for a start, the cabin is 2 foot wider than other standard pre built cabins, with enough room for a 10 foot room and 5 foot bathroom width.

Another nice aspect of this feature is that the second bathroom has a setup for laundry, so not only are there two bathrooms, but you have a laundry room included too.

5. Pioneer

Pioneer Cabin
(c) Zook Cabins

Bedrooms: 2-3 | Footprint: 22’ x 36’ – 30’ x 56’ | Square Footage: 936 – 1680 | Price: $$-$$$

The third and last Pioneer style cabin on our list is an incredibly spacious log home.

Each cabin comes with a 120 square foot gable-covered porch, making the most of the already sizeable interior.

The largest option, a generous 1680 square foot log home, includes; a master bathroom, a combined utility and mud room, and a walk-in closet.

Now everyone knows that the kitchen is the heart of a home. Why not include the option of a kitchen island to maximize the kitchens efficacy.

These pre built cabins may be on the higher end financially, but you get what you pay for with log cabins.

4. Musketeer

Musketeer Pre Built Cabins
(c) My Cozy Cabins

Bedrooms: 1-3 | Footprint: 24’ x 30’ – 30’ x 48’ | Square Footage: 720 – 1440 | Price: $$-$$$

The Musketeer has a couple of stand-out features, like its steeper-than-normal roof.

This doesn’t just open up the interior space, it also makes snow shedding easier, reducing the load on the building due to snow.

Another feature this cabin boasts is a 6 foot deep, full length covered porch. This may not sound all that different, but a couple of foot extra space will make a big difference to your outdoor lounging area.

This selection is on the expensive side, but the Musketeer more than makes up for it with its size and adaptability.

3. Settler Modular

Settler Pre Built Cabins
(c) Zook Cabins

Bedrooms: 2-3 | Footprint: 22’ x 36′ – 30’ x 56’ | Square Footage: 792 – 1680 | Price: $$-$$$

The Settler Modular has a straightforward shape, looking closer to a square home than the longer look you expect to see with pre built cabins.

However, this straightforward shape doesn’t mean it’s a plain looking building. The Settler is a good-looker with its log framed gable proudly covering the full side porch.

Like the rest of the cabins on this list, being made from pre built sections allows a much quicker building time.

This combination of a quality cabin with quick construction make the Settler Modular an attractive option.

2. Doublewide Cabin

Doublewide Log Cabin
(c) Hilltop Structures

Bedrooms: 2-3 | Footprint: 1200 square foot | Price: $-$$

The Doublewide Cabin is made from two pre built cabins secured side by side, making it doubly wide.

Its wide-open interior is arguably the most attractive feature of this model.

And if you opt for a symmetric design like the picture above, then you’ve picked what we consider to be the second-best aesthetic feature.

The Doublewide comes standard with 8” lap siding and insulated windows, with the option of swapping those lap sides for a rustic board and batten siding, or a tongue and groove white pine log siding.

So many optional extras are available, and if you’re feeling inventive, feel free to adjust the design layout. The company will be sure to work with you to ensure your satisfaction.

1. Mountaineer Deluxe

Mountaineer Deluxe
(c) My Cozy Cabins

Bedrooms: 2-3| Footprint: 26’ x 36’ – 30’ x 56’ Square Footage: 936 – 1680 | Price: $$-$$$

The Mountaineer Deluxe log home is called Deluxe for good reason. The Vista Glass package treats this homes occupant to abundant natural light and night-time star gazing from the comfort of the great room or loft.

Our favorite aspect of this beautifully made cabin is the wide open glass side. The second is a spare room hidden up behind the loft.

Make of this room what you will; a study, second living area or a bedroom for that unexpected guest or family member.

And a 6-foot-deep, full front covered porch gives a vast outdoor space to enjoy the afternoon breeze.

What are Modular or Pre Built Cabins?

Simply put, pre built cabins are the same as modular cabins, built in sections in a factory or workshop which is located off site.

The site owner has the responsibility of laying a suitable foundation, and to prepare the site with any necessary utilities.

Those pre built sections are then delivered to the site and assembled with the use of cranes.

The longest part of the process is getting a design finalized with the company and making sure it complies with state regulations.

Pre Built Cabins vs Log Cabin Kits

• Price

What better a place to start at than how hard it’s going to hit your wallet.

First, we’ll start with the log cabin kits. Kits are very popular with DIY enthusiasts and those with less money to spend – they average out at around half the cost of a modular cabin.

This makes kits a very popular choice for those looking to save some money.

However, you may not have the time, the experience or the patience to build a log cabin from a kit. In this case, the option of pre built cabin might be more suited to you.

The cost of this convenience is around double the cost of kits, but they generally work out cheaper than custom or stick built log homes because the time on site is so much shorter.

• Time and Effort

Pre built cabins can be assembled and weather proofed on site in as little as one day. Yes, you read that correctly. One day. And this is at zero effort to the buyer, as the company you’ve purchased the log cabin from will be doing all the leg work!

A log cabin kit is not so quick. Depending on the cabin size/complexity, your level of organization, number of helpers and scope of your budget, a DIY kit assembly can take anything from two weeks to two years.

This doesn’t mean that pre built cabins are instantaneous happenings! Both kits and pre built cabins require a lot of planning and site preparation before they can be erected, but prebuilds are much less time consuming for the buyer.

• Quality

In general, the most quality option for a log home will be to make or buy a custom cabin, but not everyone has the experience or expertise to do this.

These cabins provide a mid range option, they’re designed and constructed by experienced tradesmen so you’ll have the confidence that they are good quality.

The quality of the final product will depend on the company that is supplying the pre built cabin, the logs and how they have been processed, whether the logs have been milled and machined or hand-hewn, which notches are used, and the experience level of the person doing the constructing.

Most companies that provide a pre built service will have plenty of experience and quality construction is more certain.

• Personalization

Both log cabin kits and pre built cabins can be customized. Let’s explore the extent to which each option can be tailored.

As log cabin kits are manufactured in the workshop and delivered in parts, you can pretty much have any size or layout designed and delivered.

However, companies may only have fixed options for kits, so if you’re after a personalized design make sure you find a company that will work with you on your dream cabin.

Pre built or modular homes have to be delivered to site in large sections so, while there is that limit, each of those sections can still be fully redesigned.

You will typically have a boxier feel to the cabin because of this, but there is still a fair level of adjustment available.


Pre built cabins are log homes that have been built off site and are delivered to the site in sections. They’ll be constructed by the contractor.

They are the perfect log cabin choice for people with a mid-range budget and little time or experience to construct their own cabin from scratch or with a kit.

If you’ve got this far and realized that a pre built is not for you, consider a log cabin kit or a traditional stick built log cabin.

If you’re not sure how your budget sizes up to the reality of the project, check out how much it costs to build a log cabin first.

Is there anything we haven’t answered for you around pre built cabins? Reply to the article below with your question and one of our team will get back to you.


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