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4 of the Best Hunting Cabins with Plans

Log cabins make ideal hunting cabins. You can build them away from built-up areas, nestled away in the woods.

They blend in with the natural surroundings perfectly which is great for hunters as they usually like to conceal themselves and blend in as much as possible.

Very plain and rustic living spaces give hunters the headspace they require to relax before and after going hunting.

Not only does a log cabin blend in well with the surrounding forest and woodland areas, but the proximity of a hunting cabin to the woods means you only have to step outside to be right next to all the wildlife and animals you want to hunt.

There is no longer drive from the busy hustle and bustle of the city, you can quite literally step out of your front door and start hunting straight away.

Additionally to looking natural and being very convenient, log cabins offer a really rustic and traditional feel which most hunters enjoy – if you like getting right back to basics and living a very simple day-to-day lifestyle, a hunting cabin adds to this practice.

In this article, we’ve rounded up four of the best hunting cabin plans which you could build to create your own hunting cabin in the woods.

1) Hunting Cabin for $100

Hunting Cabin
A $100 Hunting Cabin (c) Mother Earth News

If you’re looking for free hunting cabin plans AND a very cheap build, then this is the cabin for you.

This couple built a cabin nestled in the woods using materials which they found around then, and spending only $100.

They are adamant that anyone can build a small log cabin if you have just a few basic implements and assess to a decent supply of logs.

The design on their log cabin is based upon the Norwegian stabbur which is basically a storehouse built on a foundation of pillars.

The cabin is purposely quite small, which is ideal for a hunting cabin – you don’t need heaps of space. Space to sleep, eat, cook and store your weapons is all you need.

This cabin measures 10 ft by 13 ft, and another benefit to choosing to build a small cabin is that you don’t need to work with huge logs.

These plans include photos, diagrams, and a step-by-step walk-through of exactly how the couple built their cabin from start to finish.

Build This Hunting Cabin

2) Tiny Hunting Cabin

YouTube video

This is a perfectly sized hunting cabin. This design has a porch, and just enough space inside to live comfortably.

This video shows an overview of how the cabin was built, but the YouTube Channel SurvivorDude has also made a playlist of step-by-step videos of the process.

He goes through how to lay the foundations, how to notch and fit each log, how to build the roofing frame, how to install windows and the gable wall, laying the deck and building the porch overhang, and even how to install all the interior fittings.

There are over three hours’ worth of instructional videos on this channel that will help you build your very own hunting cabin.

Build This Hunting Cabin

3) Downloadable Hunting Cabin Plans

YouTube video

This set of hunting cabin plans include ten detailed steps which each have pictures and instructions to help you build your own hunting cabin.

There are also links to a YouTube channel that documents the process, and a blog that gives even more detail about how the cabin was built.

The man that built this cabin intended to build a small cabin similar to the type of construction that the settlers built in American West prairies, while including some more modern features such as insulation and lining in the roof.

This cabin is built on stones and has a stone floor porch which adds to the rustic and natural feel, creating a well-blended cabin that is ideal for a hunting cabin.

Build This Hunting Cabin

4) 12 x 20 Hunting Cabin on a Budget

Log Hunting Cabin
(c) Instructables

This cabin is a lot simpler to build than the others on this list.

It does not use full logs; instead, it’s made using planks of wood so the cabin will go up much more quickly than a traditional log cabin.

This plan uses both detailed diagrams showing where to place each board, flooring, and joists. It also uses pictures that follow a real-life build making it extremely easy to follow.

Whilst this build looks a lot more basic than the other cabins we’ve featured, it will be perfect for you if you’re looking to build a hunting cabin quickly and easily.

The size of it makes it easy to fit into a small place and easy to conceal. There is enough space inside to include a bed, cooking facilities, and a toilet as well as store all of your hunting equipment.

Build This Hunting Cabin

How to Choose the Perfect Hunting Cabin

So which cabin should you choose?

It really depends on how long you want to spend on building the cabin, and also how much you want to spend on your build.

If you want a quick, cheap, and very easy build then #4 is probably the best for you. If you want o spend more time and money building a more quality and traditional-looking hunting cabin, then #1 or #2 might be better for you.

What’s important to remember is that you can always make changes and add additions onto your cabin – you cannot easily change the location so always make sure you pick the ideal location first.

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