How Much do Barnwood Builders Cabins cost ?

So, you’ve found the perfect place for your log cabin, and you are curious about the cost of the cabins that the “Barnwood Builders” team restores, likely after being captivated by their skilled craftsmanship on the show. 

Let’s dive straight into your question.

How much do Barnwood Builders cabins cost? 

The cabins crafted by Barnwood Builders cost within a price range of $50,000 to $250,000.
This range is influenced by several factors, including the cabin’s size, the intricacy of the design and notches, the location, and the necessary site preparation.
For example, a large two story Beam cabin will cost around $95,000. For this price, BarnWood living will reclaim, clean, treat, and notch the logs ; then deliver and assemble the cabin.

How much does Barnwood Builders pay for a cabin?

7. Old Weathered Traditional Log Cabin, Yukon, Canada

Determining the price of these cabins involves multiple aspects. The value of an old cabin fluctuates based on its state, size, location, and construction materials. As with any unique item, the worth of an antique cabin is subjective, with motivated buyers potentially raising its selling price.

Factors Influencing Cabin Costs

  • Historical Significance: The historical weight of a cabin plays a significant role. For example, in the show’s debut episode, an old barn dating back to 1830, built by Abe Lincoln’s uncle, is deconstructed. Cabins with historical connections, especially to notable figures, often command higher prices due to their unique heritage.


  • Initial Acquisition Expense: The upfront cost of obtaining the cabin is crucial. With recent inflation, the TV show’s success and renewed interest in reclaimed wood, initial investments have risen.


  • Material Appeal: The primary allure of old cabins lies in their wood. 19th-century log cabins often feature wooden beams that are no longer available. A hand-hewn log crafted from an ancient oak tree can be worth thousands due to its rarity. Modern lumber, sourced from younger trees, lacks the strength of older wood. Weathered woodboard, found on decades-old buildings, is also popular for decor and hardwood floors.


  • Cabin Location: Disassembling and relocating a cabin is expensive. Barns with long beams might require special transportation. Proximity to populated areas increases a cabin’s value due to transportation costs. Population density affects not just land and housing but also items requiring costly transport.


  • Cabin Condition: Buyer motivations vary; some seek cabin materials, while others intend to reconstruct it elsewhere. The amount of damage matters more to re-users than salvagers. Rotten wood aside, materials salvagers find usability. For re-use, cabins need feasible restoration potential. Collapsed cabins typically sell for materials.


  • Dismantling costs: Barnwood Builders have their own expenses for dismantling a Building, such as operational costs, rent for storage spaces (often referred to as “boneyards”), employee salaries, and maintenance expenses for the machinery used in dismantling.

When Barnwood Builders is interested in purchasing a cabin, they consider all those factors to determine a fair price.

How can I inquire about pricing from Barnwood Builders, and where can I view some of their cabins?

Check out their cabins and old barns on their website, Barnwood Living, which showcases finished projects and offers some cabins for sale. The most effective method for inquiries is to complete their form, where you’ll address initial questions about your project.

I also suggest exploring the rental cabins available for guest stays on their website to get a glimpse of their recent projects and level of craftmanship. Renting a Barnwood Builders cabin ranges from $200 to $300 per night, with potential variations based on features, amenities, and additional fees.

Moreover, You can explore Alex Webb’s Chop Shop website as he ventured out from Barnwood’s cast to establish his own business.

(c) Webb’s Joinery & Construction, LLC

This oak log cabin, for instance, was listed at $22,500 plus shipping fees. Alternatively, Alex provided the opportunity for cabin setup at $34,500 plus shipping. There were additional costs for rafters, while second-floor floor joists were included, and Blueprint availability was offered upon request. 

Why should I watch Barnwood Builders TV show?

Log Cabin Hub has been a steadfast fan of popular DIY series centred around log cabins, woodworking, and historic structures. “Barnwood Builders” is a true gem in this genre, alongside “Timber Kings.” 

Mark Bowe and his crew, including Johnny Jett, Sherman Thompson, Tim Rose, Graham Ferguson, Alex Webb, and Brian Buckner, exhibit unparalleled talent and individuality, making this show an extraordinary watch.

The show started on DIY Network and moved to Magnolia Network. In 2023, “Barnwood Builders” started a new season on Magnolia Network, showing its lasting appeal. The show’s talent for engaging audiences and revitalizing reclaimed materials stands strong, highlighting its distinct contribution to preserving architecture and honouring history.


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