How To Build Your Own Log Home

I understand that building a log home can seem a little overwhelming.

Trying to find suitable land, choosing specific logs to use, financing, permits and regulations, notching methods, foundations, shrinkage, it can all seem so complicated.

It’s hard to know where to start and what needs to be done and in what order.

I’ve been exactly where you are.

I imagine you’ve been researching about how to build a log home for a while. You might have even bought a few log home construction manuals.

Most log home construction manuals don’t work.

They are either too complicated or too dumbed down. With incomplete or just plain wrong instructions, they’ll leave you feeling overwhelmed and questioning if you’re even capable of building a log home.

Well here’s why…

Most log home guides are written by experts who’ve forgotten what it’s like to start out as a beginner.

They write for an audience that already understands a lot of wood joinery terminology and procedures.

They skip over many important parts and their guidance is confusing, unclear, or even wrong.

It leaves you wondering how do you get from one point in the build to the next.

Not only this, but many guides only cover one particular approach to building a log home.

No wonder building a log home seems so overwhelming!

The truth is, I have spent a lot of time looking online and reading books. Most of them just left me with more questions than answers.

They leave you with the fear that the average person might somehow be incapable of building a log home.

…Here’s What a PERFECT Log Home Construction
Manual NEEDS to Include:

So what makes a perfect log home construction manual? Simply put, it must be detailed enough to leave nothing to guesswork yet simple enough for beginners. It must also contain complete instructions from start to finish.

1. Clear Step-By-Step Planning

Before you even cut down your first tree, one of the biggest challenges is all of the research and planning which needs to be done.

You need a clear plan, so detailed that you know exactly what you’re doing every step of the way.

Not, complicated instructions that will have you scratching your head or confusing technical jargon.

Unfortunately, many guides assume you’re experienced enough to know what the next step is.

You want a guide which “holds-you-by-the-hand” through the planning stage and never leaves you wondering what comes next.

Clear step-by-step planning

2. Detailed Log Selection & Tree Harvesting Guidance

Detailed log selection & tree harvesting guidance

A perfect log home construction manual should discuss how to get the best logs to provide maximum insulation and eliminate concerns about infestation and rot.

Most people want to harvest their own trees, so it should explain when is the best time to fell logs, picking right size trees and also detail the easiest preparation methods…

…including cutting, debarking and drying them.

Most guides completely ignore this stage and it leaves people confused, wondering how to correctly prepare and dry out their logs to prevent shrinkage…

…this makes it likely you will lose valuable time and likely ruin logs trialing different preparation and drying methods.

Even if you’re not harvesting your own logs, you need to know this so you can check the logs you buy for infestation, rot and shrinkage.

3. Comprehensive Land & Site Selection Advice

A lot of guides assume you’ve already found the perfect location for your log home…

… or worse yet, they don’t even discuss the topic of land.

A perfect construction manual should explain what to look for in land and site selection and what to be aware of landscape wise when placing your log home.

It should provide you with a comprehensive checklist to ensure you consider all the important, often forgotten factors to finding the perfect plot of land.

Extensive guidance on building codes and zoning permits, including details of the process, should also be included.

Comprehensive land & site selection advice

4. Ability To Determine The Actual Cost Beforehand

Ability to determine the actual cost beforehand

You need a detailed budgeting guide so you can precisely calculate the actual cost of your log home, before you build it.

It should also share first time log home builder mistakes you need to avoid to keep your costs from sky rocketing…

…and where money can be saved and where you need to invest those savings for the best results.

Without this crucial information, budgeting is extremely difficult and makes it extremely likely that you will run into unexpected costs.

5. Suitable For Beginners

You should NOT need to be a master woodworker or have expensive machinery to build a log home.

A perfect log home construction manual should break the construction technique down into plain English and avoid unnecessary technical jargon.

For each step it should “hold-you-by-the-hand” and never leave you wondering what comes next.

Most importantly though, it should give you the courage and confidence to understand the process and feel comfortable enough to actually do the project.

How Do I Know What Makes The “Perfect” Log Home Construction Manual?

I know because I’ve been fortunate enough to help hundreds of people, just like you, turn their log home vision into a reality.

And along the way my work’s been covered by Utah State University, BUILDER, University of North Carolina and many others.

Not only did I teach friends..

… I’ve taught absolute beginners, without ANY experience at all…

So here’s what I’ve got for you:

How Do I Know What Makes The Perfect Log Home Construction Manual


How To Build A Log Home: The Complete Guide

Book Cover
  • A Step-By-Step Guide That Never Leaves You Wondering.
    Covers each topic comprehensively. From the high-level ideas to the low-level details.
  • How To Find The Perfect Land.
    What to look for in land and site selection, including often forgotten factors and common mistakes first time log home builders make. Also extensive guidance on permits and zoning.
  • Detailed color diagrams & photographs.
    With sharp, colorful photos and diagrams, there’s simply no guesswork involved.
  • Detailed log selection & tree harvesting guidance.
    Explains the best wood species, how to fell logs and also details the easiest preparation methods including cutting, debarking, and shaping them. And importantly, how to dry out logs to prevent issues caused by shrinkage.

This Log Home Guide Is The Most Complete… Easy-To-Understand and Hands On Guide Your Will Find… Anywhere!

  • Step-By-Step, A-Z Details – You won’t hit a wall, feeling lost with what to do next. The guide will hold your hand and show you how to plan ahead to minimize the chance of mistakes.
  • Covers the subject comprehensively, from the high-level ideas (design and settling) to the low-level details and process steps (chainsaw techniques and notches).
  • Follows a real life example throughout, of a couple with no previous experience, so you can see the techniques put into action by beginners.
  • Follow an easy three step preparation phase, to establish which foundation type you will use. And learn how to correctly lay your foundation.
  • Extensive guidance on building codes and zoning permits.
  • Receive a simple, easy to follow, DIY guide which will make your dream log home a reality.
  • Packed with everything a person who has never built a log home needs to know such as which costly mistakes to avoid to keep your costs from doubling, and the right way to dry your logs so they don’t split and ruin.
  • Tree species map of the world, including insulation value chart for the different species of wood and which species are least vulnerable to rot and infestation.


Listen to What Our Customers Are Saying:

Review Image

This book will show you that you can build your own Log Home.

“All my life I’ve loved log homes, these last couple years I’ve decided to build my own.

I’ve read quite a few log home construction books but this is probably the best. This log home manual went in detail of every aspect of the build from choosing the logs, the foundation stacking the logs thru the finishing touches. It was easy to understand and was full of useful tips.

Like I said I’ve read a few books on this subject but after reading this one I am certain I can build one myself.

Not only that but it really inspired me to get started.

After reading this manual and seeing the end results I believe not only do I feel more confident that I can build my own it’s inspired me to start the process ASAP.”

David Baldridge (44)
Jeffersonville, Kentucky

Still Have Questions?

Q. Can I build a log home on my own with no experience?
There is a strange misconception that the average person might somehow be incapable of building a log home. There have been thousands of log homes built by homeowners, who never once built a log home before.
This detailed, informative step-by-step guide will show you that you too can build your own log home.

Q. How do I get access to the guide? Is it something sent to my house?
We’re in the digital age and one of the things I’m really excited about is how we deliver this guide.
It’s very simple. Once you’ve bought the guide, you will receive an email from us with a download link to the guide. In a matter of minutes you’ll be reading the full book!

Q. I really want this, but I want to make sure it’s safe. How does your guarantee work?
Here at Log Cabin Hub we’ve been fortunate enough to help hundreds of people, just like you, turn their log cabin vision into a reality. You will too. We’re so confident that you will love the guide that it comes with a 30 day no-quibble refund guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the guide I’ll refund your money in full. No questions asked. Decided you don’t want the book? Just contact us within 30 days for a 100% refund.

Q. I’m using a kit build, is this for me?
Yes. Not only is this book perfect for the self-builder. It’s also a must for kit build and contractor builds. It contains crucial information that every future log home owner needs to know.

How To Build A Log Home: The Complete Guide

How to Build a Log Home 3D Guide
  • Step-by-step guide which gives you the confidence to understand the process and feel comfortable enough to actually build your own log home.
  • Follows a real life example throughout, of a couple with no previous experience, so you can see the techniques put into action by beginners.
  • Learn the quirks of log home construction and avoid making the mistakes a first time log home builder would make.
  • If you’re looking for a thorough, comprehensive guide to teach yourself the utmost aspect of log home planning and construction this is your book.
  • From the high-level ideas to the low-level details this book will show you that you can build your own Log Home.

Buy Now for $49

A Special Note From David Woods Founder of Log Cabin Hub

Hi there! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m David Woods, founder of Log Cabin Hub. I’ve created Log Cabin Hub because I have a love of log homes. For me the aura of a log home is like no other. The warm cozy feel and natural sturdiness take me back to a simpler time.

This love for log homes has led me to help other people, and over the years I’ve helped lots of people build their own dream log home. Because of my passion and knowledge of log homes , I am in a great place to help serve you and the wider log homes community. I know exactly what it takes to build a log home and I want nothing more than for you to have your very own log home! My team and I have put all our knowledge together to bring this comprehensive yet simple to follow guide together for you… It was written so you can learn from my mistakes and build the perfect house that is right for you.

Building a log home is not all glory, but very doable. If you have your heart in the right place and are serious about building your log home this book is for you.

I want to urge you not to put this off one second longer.

Here’s why:

If you wait for the perfect time, you may never take action.

You may do what I did and put if off- just for “a few more days”… which quickly turns into months… and suddenly years.

Don’t wait until you grow too old to build your dream log home…

… so, let’s get you started and moving towards your dream log home.


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