Mud Hut Documentary – Ultimate Off Grid Living

Mud Hut Documentary – Ultimate Off Grid Living

This week we are taking a break from our typical blogging on log cabins and exploring the world of mud-huts!

If you’ve ever had the inclination to build something from scratch, with materials from mother nature, then this video is one to watch.

David’s video shows how by using only primitive tooling and locally sourced materials you can build you very own primitive retreat!

David starts by foresting timber in a local forest with his celt stone axe and chisel. Once forested, he then prepares the timber.

After preparing the timber, David progresses his build using the timber to erect the hut’s pillars for the 2M x 2M frame. Using mortise and tenon joints, made with his celt chisel, roof beams are attached and additionally supported by cane strips.

A mud kiln is then built from scratch with a clay perforated base by using grog and clay – this is fascinating to watch! Absolute craftsmanship.

Once the kiln is ready David fires the previously prepared roof tiles. In total there are over 400 roof tiles and ridge tiles, which took 4 hours per batch of 20 to fire. This is a fantastic process and the detail in David’s work is beautiful.

Once the roof is finished David digs a trench for his Korean inspired under floor heating system – absolutely superb! The flames can then travel beneath the floor to heat his hut. The stones remain hot for a substantially long period of time once fired so will make the hut very snug.

David then proceeds to finish the built with a beautiful clay wall, supported by stone, which makes the hut look superb.

All-in-all, David spent 100 days building this hut! Absolutely fantastic to see and I hope it inspires all of you with your log cabin homes.

Let us know how your builds are going in the comments below.

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