Log Cabin Documentary

Log Cabin Documentary – Alone in the wilderness

If you’ve ever wanted to explore life in the wilderness and the beauty of the Earth then Dick Proenneke’s Alaskan documentary will amaze you.

Dick’s documentary is filmed in the wilderness and isolation of Alaska in the remote location of twin-lakes where he builds his own log cabin home.

Watch this video as Dick creates his own log cabin by hand:

Dick’s dream of living in the wilderness is one that we can all relate to. He explains his log cabin adventure as a “lasting test” – as Dick’s exploration was unique as he opted to live alone for a year!

Dick’s leaving of civilization is certainly a unique decision and he decides to relocate in the remote valley of twin-lakes in Alaska where he filmed the entire documentary by himself.

Dick starts by preparing logs that he harvested and forested the previous year, the long winter has allowed the logs to dry naturally – this meant the logs were lighter and could be handled much easier.

Dick then immediately progressed to making his own hand tools, including a mallet and screwdriver – this is actually quite fascinating to watch!

He then continues to prepare the logs by removing the bark and straightening them to ensure they are straight.

Once satisfied, Dick removes the notches from the logs which turns out to be an art in itself; the careful bespoke fit is performed with a chisel to ensure the logs fit perfectly. Watch as Dick removes piece by piece – this is more of a stepwise process than a right first-time process.

Dick used 44 logs in total, once he has constructed the log cabin he cuts the buts off the logs to make the cabin have a nice square finish.

Once constructed, Dick’s cabin measures 11FT by 15FT and the front door faces West with beautiful views over twin lake in Alaska.

We hope you enjoy watching the documentary, we think Watching Dick’s documentary is a good reminder for why people chose to live in a log cabin… have you lived in a cabin before? What were your experiences?

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