Floating Log Homes - Powell Lake in Coastal British Columbia

Floating Log Homes – Powell Lake in Coastal British Columbia (Video Documentary)

As part of off-grid week at Log Cabin Hub we want to share with you something a little bit different from our typical log homes…

This week we’re featuring a floating log home! That is, a log cabin, which is permanently mored and anchored to the shore but is floating on a lake.

The documentary below features Margy and Wayne Lutz and their float log home.

Margy and Wayne immediately fell in love with floating log cabins after their vacation to Coastal British Columbia and are now the proud owners of their own floating log home.

Margy and Wayne Lutz purchased their cabin in 2001 for $25,000 instead of opting to go on their annual holiday. The cabin is 665FT2 and is completely off grid with access only via the local water channels. The cabin is powered via solar powers and a thermal electric generator powered by their wood burning stove and its base is made up of cedar logs, which provides buoyancy for the floating foundation.

This cabin is definitely unique and we hope you enjoy the documentary.

The cabin is anchored in powell lake, Coastal British Columbia, where it was originally built to be towed from harbour to harbour, however, it’s now permanently fixed.

The large cedar log float, which is the cabin’s foundation, is used to support the wood shed, cabin and planting bed – where Margy and Wayne plant all of their vegetables and fruits.

The log home has a lounge, kitchen, study and a loft bedroom. It’s perfectly functional with water from the lake, power from solar panels and a gas stove. The log home has a wood burning stove and a fully functional bathroom – which is used for composting too.

This documentary really is a great example of what can be achieved off-grid with imagination and a big passion.

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